Conscious Consumption

It's that time ofthe year again again: after a golden autumn, that unloved month of November is upon us. Cold, dark and wet - avoiding energy and mood slumps is a challenge. 

At least one event in November seems to cheer some people up: Black Friday . On this day, which is the bridging day between Thanksgiving and the weekend in the USA, everything revolves around consumption. No matter which product – hardly any brand wants to miss out on this sales opportunity. And so of course we also thought about how we want to deal with Black Friday.

The first question we asked ourselves: Do we want to be part of this? Our clear answer is: no. Because the mentality of fast consumption is not sustainable. How many bad buys we made in the past because we didn't want to miss a bargain? It is precisely these sales like Black Friday, that tempt us to buy something just not to miss an opportunity. This approach contrasts with one of our core values ​​at minimals, #consciousconsumption . We believe that purchasing decisions should be made more consciously. If we manage to avoid bad purchases, we reduce our footprint, have more money left for the things we really want and can then enjoy them without a guilty conscience. 

In order to make a conscious purchase decision, it is important that you are aware of what is important to you before you buy. Think about questions such as: “Is this product something I need or what I want?” “What is the positive effect I hope to get from the purchase?” “Do I like the ingredients/materials used?” “What do I know about the manufacture of this product and does it meet my requirements for e.g. sustainability or ethical standards?” 
We want you to take the time to answer the questions that are important to you. It is our desire to build long-lasting relationships with our customers, because this is the only way we can achieve our goal of banning waste from bathrooms through refills. If you're happy with your minimals product choice, chances are you'll come back for a refill - and we've spared the world another plastic bottle. That's why at minimals we don't participate in Black Friday sales. 
But that's no reason to be in a bad mood, because instead we have prepared an offer for you that you can take advantage of throughout the month of November : 
This gives you enough time to make your purchase decision. You can find out more about our ingredients and production conditions at If you have more questions, feel free to contact us:
We wish you a nice November and happy shopping!