Here are our recommendations for cleaning and care to keep your bottle as long as possible and to prevent contamination of your cosmetics:

• When the bottle is empty, it must be cleaned thoroughly.

 We recommend using our bottle cleaning brushes

 If the bottle with Hand& Bodywash Once filled, you can simply add warm water and rinse the bottle thoroughly.

Caution: Please do not dilute leftover cosmetics with water as this can promote bacterial growth. Finally, to get the rest of your product out and not waste anything, swap out the pump for the included cap and use it to turn your bottle upside down. You can use the enclosed wooden spatula to remove cream residue.

 If the bottle was filled with body lotion or hand cream, add a drop of mild dish soap with warm water and rinse thoroughly.

 After thorough cleaning, the bottle must dry for at least 8 hours - preferably upside down on a drying rack. Before refilling, make sure the bottle is completely dry.

 You can then use your phone's flashlight to check the inside of the bottle for product and water residue.

Who does the refills?

The refills are carried out by our customers themselves. Assistants are available at every refill station to help with any questions about the process and our products.

Where can I get refills?
You can get refills in our refill store or at one of our Minimals Mobile Stations.

Who is responsible for cleaning the bottles?
Since the bottle is yours, cleaning the bottle is your responsibility.


How long can the bottle be used?
There is no general rule for this. Please check the inside of the bottle regularly. If the inner coating is damaged, the bottle must be replaced. When you buy a new bottle, you get a discount on the bottle price if you return the old bottle. In this way we ensure that the bottles are properly recycled and guarantee a 100% recycling rate for returned bottles. (see FAQ What will happen to my bottle if I stop using it
want to use?)

In which bottles can I refill minimals products?
We recommend using our minimals bottles as they are suitable for the
tested and approved for reuse. We recommend using one bottle per product type. For example, if your bottle was filled with hand & body wash, refill it with a cleaning product (not lotion or cream). For containers other than our minimals bottles: Only approved cosmetic bottles should be filled to ensure the material is cosmetic safe. It must be ensured that the material is suitable for repeated use and that, for example, no particles come off and get into the cosmetics.

What happens to my bottle when I no longer want to use it?
If you no longer wish to use the bottle, we ask that you return it to us
return. Please do not throw the bottle in the trash! We collect the minimals bottles and dispose of them at the recycling center. In this way we ensure that the aluminum, which is in high demand, is fed back into the aluminum cycle and reused, for example for the construction of bicycle rims or car parts. Because recycling is the key to aluminum: the material can be reused almost as often as you like without losing value (unlike plastic, for example). On the other hand, recycling puts into perspective the high amount of energy that is required for the extraction of primary aluminum, since only 5% of the energy that has to be used to produce primary aluminum is required for recycling. If you return the old bottle, you will receive a discount on the bottle price for a new bottle.

What material are the minimals bottles made of?
The bottles are made from 100% recycled aluminum with a food-grade, BPA-free inner lining. We chose this material for the following reasons:

  • It is very durable and unbreakable, so the bottles can be reused many times;
  • Aluminum is very light, the bottles can be conveniently carried in the handbag, which makes the refills more convenient;
  • The material has excellent recyclability: On the one hand, aluminum has a very long life cycle: the material can be reused almost as often as desired without losing value. On the other hand, the recycling puts into perspective the high energy expenditure required for the extraction of primary aluminum, since only 5% of the energy required for the production of primary aluminum is required for recycling.
  • Unlike, for example, bottles made of stainless steel, for which there are practically no manufacturers in Europe, the bottles can be produced in Europe.
  • The minimals bottles have BPA-free plastic lids for easy, leak-proof transportation.
  • The dosing dispensers are made of BPA-free plastic.

Are minimals cosmetics free from animal testing?

Yes, of course, out of conviction and because it is required by law.

Are minimal's cosmetics vegan?



Which pumps fit on the bottles?

minimals is all about avoiding plastic waste. That's why we sell the pumps separately - in case you don't have a suitable pump at home. The thread size of the minimals bottles is 28/410.