Our mission is to reduce plastic waste. We believe that luxury and sustainability should go together.

All of our products - our cosmetics, minimals bottles and accessories - are produced exclusively in the EU to ensure the shortest transport routes.

We deliver climate-neutral: Within Berlin with our mobile minimals station and we send packages with DHL Go Green.

Stop Plastic:
In Germany, the average per capita consumption of cosmetic plastic packaging per year is around 38.5 kg*. The actual plastic recycling quote in German households is only 33%**. As much as we try to separate our plastic waste, a very large proportion of the plastic waste we create cannot and will not be recycled. Much of it ends up in the oceans or pollutes the landscape. According to estimates, 80 million tons of plastic waste were floating in the oceans in 2020, with up to 12 million tons being added every year***. Most beauty products are not only packed in plastic containers, but also come in boxes, foil and the like. We think that the brief moment of joy about an elaborately designed packaging that ends up in the garbage immediately after unpacking is disproportionate to the associated consumption of resources.

With minimals you can significantly reduce the plastic waste in your bathroom. Our packaging is reusable - it's not waste, it's an accessory. In addition, we do not use unnecessary outer packaging. Your bottle comes without disposable packaging - but in a sustainably produced pouch to protect it from damage on the way to the refill or when travelling.
The Beauty of Sustainability.   

We are convinced that circular economy is the solution to our global waste problem. At minimals, we actively participate in the circular economy by using 100% recycled aluminum to manufacture our bottles. When the bottle has reached the end of its life cycle, we ensure that it is returned to the aluminum cycle and the material can thus be reused (see FAQ: What happens to my bottle when I no longer want to use it? ) . This is how we avoid waste and minimize our CO2 footprint. The Beauty of the Circular Economy.

At the heart of minimals is the firm belief that we can start a change.

Everything starts with small steps. The mentality of fast consumption is not sustainable. We want to make a difference by challenging old habits. Why don't we reuse cosmetic containers just like drinking bottles or coffee mugs? We believe we can make a difference by being more mindful of the small, everyday choices.
The Beauty of Change.

We believe that true beauty comes with fairness. We responsibly produce exclusively in Europe to ensure good working conditions for everyone in the production chain. We pay attention to every step we take because we want people to be paid and treated fairly.
The Beauty of Fairness.

* Plastic Atlas 2019 of the Heinrich Böll Foundation
** Federal Environment Agency (https://www.umweltbundesamt.de/print/19095)
*** WWF- Plastic waste in the sea - the most important answers, as of January 5th, 2020